Teacher Instructions

Hello teachers!  Thank you for allowing The Hovercraft Project to help students "Learn to Love to Learn!"

Prior to our arrival:

1.  Send home the attached Release of Liability for parents to sign and return to you. I will collect the Release of Liability forms on the day of your project.  CLICK TO DOWNLOAD RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM HERE.

2. Place your students into groups of 6 - 8. No more than 16 groups per day.

3.  Have each of those groups elect a Team Leader. Team Leader will assign roles to their team members.

4.  Download TEACHERS GUIDE.

Pre-Project Ideas:

Discuss characteristics of good leaders and good team members.
Discuss ideas on how to make a decision when team members disagree.
Discuss ideas, reactions, or behaviors that could break a team apart.
Review Radius, Diameter, Area, Circumference of a circle if a part of your curriculum.

Post-Project Ideas:  

Reference students' experiences in The Hovercraft Project to create a context for learning new topics.
Use the team approach to classroom learning and projects.
Use the Socratic method of learning to instruct.