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Photo Credit:  JC Photography

Photo Credit: JC Photography



What is a Hovercraft??

A hovercraft is a low friction vehicle that rides on a thin current of air.

What is the purpose of The Hovercraft Project?

The Hovercraft Project exists to teach students using a fully integrated curriculum, coupled with inquiry based learning.  That means students learn all subjects concurrently and adults supervising the project may only ask questions of students to help them solve problems.  This project also gives teachers a framework that can be immediately implemented in their classrooms through the use of project- based instruction.


What do teachers need to bring to the project?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing, except for students of course.  I bring in all materials, lead the project throughout the entire day, and remove all materials at the end of the day.  I have everything I need and want this project to be as easy on teachers as possible. 

Do teachers need to prepare students for the project?

Yes, though it is easy to do so.  I send an email showing you how to group your students.  After that, your students must elect team leaders and assign the 11 roles to the group members.  Every group member has multiple jobs. 

How long is the project?

The project takes one full school day in a gymnasium or multipurpose room.  Students have time for lunch and recess.  All other hours are spent creating and testing their team hovercraft.  It is also important to note that the hovercrafts need a smooth surface to operate.  Wood floors, tile floors and polished concrete work best.  Rough or carpeted surfaces do not work. 

How many students can participate at one time?

128 students Max.  I have 16 hovercraft sets.  Each set needs a team of 6-8 students to assemble and test.  I recommend smaller teams of 6.  There is no minimum amount of participants.  I will come to your school for a single classroom if the need arises.

Photo Credit:   JC Photography

Photo Credit:  JC Photography

What is the cost?

$25 per student plus a $1 per mile travel fee to and from your school.  The travel fee will be eliminated if 10 or more schools agree to participate in your given area. 

What grades does this project serve?

The easy answer is 5th or 6th grade.  This is tough to answer because I don’t design projects by grades, I design projects for abilities that can come from a range of grades.

What standards does this project meet? 

All of them.  That may be a bit of a reach, but the amount of standards that this project will help you to meet in a single day will blow your mind.  Students build, analyze, problem solve, go through conflict resolution, learn how operate as a team, and apply classroom knowledge to a problem with limited tools.  When observing this project for the first time, most teachers and administrators will say the same thing all over the country….”This is the way education is supposed to be!” 

How do I get The Hovercraft Project to my school?

Step 1 – Email me with the number of participating students and a desired date you would like The Hovercraft Project at your school.  I verify that the date is open and provide a cost estimate and contract to you and your administrator.

Step 2 – I send an email to participating teachers giving them some basic instructions to prep students for my arrival.

Step 3- I arrive on the date and administrate the project.  That’s it!

Do I get to ride? 

Yup!  Its great to see teachers and administrators ride with students.  Shared educational experiences stay with students for life.  Yes, it will lift you. In fact, each hovercraft can lift up to 3 adults at one time.  Most adults revert back to their childhood when riding these.  It’s impossible to hold back a smile.

Are there grant opportunities provided by Chase Educational Consulting?

CEC does not provide grants to schools to pay for the project.  Teachers or administrators must apply for grant opportunities in your area.  There are many grant opportunities out there so don’t give up on them!  Yes, it can be a one page or a 10 page grant application. Just trust me, it is worth it.  I’m happy to help you answer any grant questions you may have.

What does a timed example of the day look like?

Students arrive in gymnasium

Matt talks

Students create a team name and team flag

Students measure and cut out the hovercraft skirt

Students assemble craft and conduct 3 tests

Lunch and Recess

Students compete in a one push distance competition for prizes.

Students further modify and adults can ride.

9:00 a.m.

9:00 - 9:10 am

9:10 - 9:30 am

9:30 - 11:00 am

11:00 - 12:00 pm

12:00 - 1:00 pm

1:00 - 2:00 pm

2:00 - 3:00 pm


Do all students get to ride?

Yes, many times. 

Can special needs students participate?

Absolutely!  There may need to be additional care taken when riding depending on physical need, but it is possible to drive a wheelchair up on a craft and hover.  The hovercraft is loud though, so hearing protection should be worn by students with specific sensitivities.

Photo Credit:   JC Photography

Photo Credit:  JC Photography

Will the hovercrafts damage the floors?

No. Hovercrafts ride on a current of air so technically they don’t touch the ground.  Any parts of the hovercraft touching the floor when they are deflated are fitted with a rubber edge protector.

Does The Hovercraft Project carry insurance?

Yes, we carry full liability, auto, and Directors and Officers insurance. We still have parents and guardians sign a release, but we carry insurance just in case of any claims. 

Have you had any media attention?

Yes but only recently.  When I tell people I administrate The Hovercraft Project, the first question in their mind is exactly what you are probably thinking now…”What’s a hovercraft?”  We have been featured on ABC Ch7 news in Sarasota, FL., and had an article written by a talented reporter from US News and World Report.  We are grateful for the media help in demonstrating The Hovercraft Project to the masses. 

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