Student Roles


Artist — All Students

Artists help the Team Leader create a flag based on their team’s name...and the names can get crazy.  

BLographer — 1 STudent Per Team

As the team's reporter, Vlographers are responsible for using a GoPro Hero5 to capture the build process and report on the happenings of their team.

Data Analyzer — All Students

Data Analyzers work together on their team to answer a variety of questions posed by making observations, drawing on their experiences, and analyzing data.

Data Recorder — 1 Student per Team

Data Recorders have the important job of recording the observations, measurements and analysis of their team.

Measururer — All Students

Measurers must be able to read and understand diameter vs. radius in order to accurately calculate, measure-out and draw the skirt for their team’s hovercraft.

Power Assembly Director — 1 Student Per Team

Power Assembly Directors are in charge of understanding the powered
components of the hovercraft and assembling them safely.  

Pusher — All Students

Pushers are responsible for physically pushing the hovercraft forward safely so that their  test pilots and riders don’t fall off, disqualifying their team.

Safety Officer — 4 Students Per Team

Safety Officers don't  have a popular role because they are responsible for enforcing the safety rules; but, they do have a worthwhile role because they get to keep their team safe!

Skirt Cutter — 4 Students Per Team

Skirt Cutters' main responsibility is to cut on the lines that their team’s Measurer draws. Easy right? Wait until they see what their Team Measurer draws!  

Team Leader — 1 Student Per Team

Team Leaders are responsible for taking Mr. Chase's directions and relaying them to their team. They have meetings with Mr. Chase throughout the day while still having to manage their team, deal with conflict, and keep their calm. It's a big, but doable, role.

Test Pilots — 2 Students Per Team

There are two Test Pilots per team! When the Team Leader is ready to test-ride the hovercraft, it's the Test Pilots they will call on!


Parent Roles


Supervisors are responsible for helping me keep students safe, while enabling them to learn by doing.  No, you may not help students problem solve, only keep them safe.  I'll let you know how that day.