Start your engines and that's exactly what some Lakeview Elementary School kids did Monday as they hovercraft raced.

These 5th graders were all laughs and smiles as they raced against one another in the gymnasium at the Sarasota Baptist Church.

Lakeview Elementary School says they received a generous donation from a family so the kids could construct the hovercrafts.

Parents and faculty cheered on the students and Lakeview Elementary School teacher Khizran Usman says the hovercraft project teaches the kids problem solving, perseverance, and team building.

She says the kids worked together completing challenges through steps in order to finish the hovercrafts.

"The first half of the day was kind of stressful for the kids.  There were a few tears kids were struggling with the challenges presented to them but by the afternoon when they got everything put together they had probably the best days they ever had at school."

Uzman says the students also learned 21st century skills such as science, technology, and math.