My oldest is in first grade and the youngest is 3.  I'm always looking out for opportunities to teach concepts, content, or skills to my daughters.  While the oldest is in school, my youngest and I go on nature walks.  Sometimes our nature walks acquire a collection of leaves and twigs and dirt that we place under a microscope to make observations.  Lately, our nature walks have been focused on sports cars.  My 3 yr old has picked up somewhere that I like sports cars and was wondering how to identify them.  Distilling all of my vast knowledge of weight to horsepower ratios, turbo vs. supercharger characteristics, aerodynamics, and so on, I concluded that a sports car to a three year old can be identified by having two doors.  Funny thing is that now our nature walks consist of not only nature, but also counting 1,2,3,4 doors.  "Not a spotscardad."  Her word.  I love organic learning, not just dirt organic but learning that surpasses information I helped her achieve.  She extrapolates that if a sports car has two doors, then a "notasportscar" has 4 doors.  What I didn't realize is that now she looks at just one side of the car and can tell me if its a sports car.  Now that's learning.  




Photo Credit:  Corbin Wesler